First Round Submission

Prepare a one to two-page summary (with not less than 10 point font and 1-inch/2,5 cm margins) answering the following questions about your technology product or service.  You may have a competitive entry without fully complete answers to all questions, but each element will be essential for the semifinal round.




  1. What is your product or service?
  2. What is the technology that underlies your product/service?
  3. How is your underlying technology unique?
  4. Is your product or service innovative? How?
  5. How would you define the best initial set of customers? (Who will buy it?)
  6. What marketplace need does your product or service address better than any other option? (Why will they buy it?)
  7. Describe how you create value for your customers.
  8. What is the market and its size?
  9. How do you anticipate developing IP protection/strategy for your technology?

Please use the following format:

#. ?—Answer Example:What is the technology that underlies your product/service?—Answer… etc.

Keep the following in mind when preparing the summary:

  • The maximum length is two pages.
  • Do not describe how your technology works; explain what it does and how it fulfills your customers’ needs.


Complete and submit the First Round Submission form by Friday, October 24, 2014 at 11:59pm GMT. On your summary, please include your team name and member names.  Submission as a PDF or Word document will be accepted.

You submit the form by emailing it to rene.fernandes @










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