Team Requirements / Eligibility

For team requirements and eligibility, please see the following:

Any exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the I2P® Coordinator.
  1. The technology associated with the product or service must either be owned by the participating university or by one or more of the student team members from that university.
  2. Each team must have a faculty advisor with expertise in the technology underlying the product and must be nominated by the university.
  3. Teams must participate in all rounds of the competition, including the feedback round, and at least two team members must be present for the presentations.
  4. All team members must be either a current student or have been enrolled at the sponsoring university sometime during the academic year preceding the global competition.
  5. At least one member of the team must be currently enrolled or have a degree in engineering, science, pharmacy, medicine, or other technology discipline.
  6. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. Teams are strongly encouraged to have at least one student with a business and /or law/IP academic background. A single team member can meet multiple background requirements.
  7. A team, technology, product, or service may compete only once.
  8. Teams that have raised capital prior to the competition or won a business plan competition, cannot compete.
  9. A team may submit only one product / service for the competition.
  10. The team can be made up of 2-4 team members, including team leader. If a team has more than 4 members, the I2P host school reserves the right to charge extra hotel rooms, meals and any other extra expenses related to that.










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