I2P Participants 2013

There are 13 teams participating in Idea to Product® Global 2013. Note: Team name links to First Round Submission pdf files.

Energy track / CAPES Championship

Team Name: Aswan Team
University: Aswan University - Egypt
Description: Low power off-line Lightning Emitting Diode (LED) Drive with long life time.

Team Name: BChem Solutions
University: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Brazil
Description: The BChem Solutions develops catalysts for biodiesel production. The catalysts are solid nanomodified for the biodiesel production from vegetable oils and animal fats or waste.

Team Name: Gubkin Team
University: Gubkin University - Russia
Description: Virtual OilField Service(VOFS) is an educational service developed for Petrel seismic to simulation software using Ocean software development framework.

Team Name: Samambu, LLC
University: Illinois Institute of Technology - US
Description: We've created Abhadi(TM)--a thin, flexible bamboo fiber mat that combines with bio-plastics to form an unlimited variety of strong, beatiful and renewable consumer products.

ICT track / CNPq Championship

Team Name: Extreme.Offshore
University: City University London - England
Description: Extreme.Offshore is a cutting-edge software application for calculating ocean wave and current loads on marine and offshore structures under extreme weather conditions.

Team Name: FEA for Sketchup
University: Saint Louis University - US
Description: We provide a Finite Element Analysis tool (a useful engineering tool) for the world's easiest computer aided design software, Sketchup.

Team Name: Huntin' Buddy
University: Kennesaw State University - US
Description: Huntin’Buddy™ will significantly decrease the hunting accident deaths that occur throughout the U.S. every year.  Our vision is to eliminate all hunting deaths worldwide forever.

Team Name: Mubser
University: Menoufiya University - Egypt
Description:  A wearable belt for visually impaired people that guide them to move and navigate in a safe, quick and easy way besides, it also lets them recognize the most common objects/obstacles they would face in their daily life.

Life Sciences track / Grupo Boticário Championship

Team Name: AccuSenz
University: Trinity College Dublin - Ireland
Description:  A novel diagnostic assay utilising nanomechanical cantilever arrays, that is capable of detecting multiple biomarkers in parallel.

Team Name: Adhasis Biotechnology
University: RWTH Aachen - Germany
Description: Adhasis Biotechnology will be a biotechnology company dedicated to developing an innovative polyurethane-based tissue and organ glue for application inside the human body.

Team Name: CranioVation
University: University of New Hampshire - US
Description:  A novel aneurysm clip for brain aneurysms that is compatible with MRI and CT images because it is made of plastic.

Team Name: LifeM
University: University of Texas at Austin
LifeM works on the development of flexible pressure sensors for catheter applications that allows for multiple points of blood pressure measurements with added accuracy and surgical efficiency.

Team Name: Quick Posture
University: KTH - Sweden
Description: Quick Posture is an inexpensive automated assessment tool for accurately measuring posture, balance and human movement for efficient healthcare and optimal wellness.










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