I2P Participants 2014

There are 7 teams participating in Idea to Product® Global 2014.

Team Name: Portáteis
University: Unesp - Brazil
Description: Portateis presents an equipment for measuring the hardness of wood in field conditions.

Team Name: Alfa
University: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Brazil
Description: AIR-IN is a facial mask that enables the simultaneous therapeutic administration of oxygen to a probe by the oral route.

Team Name: Smart GOPA
University: Helwan University - Egypt
Description: GOPA stands for “signal Generator, Oscilloscope, Power Supply, and spectrum Analyzer) all integrated in ONE handy device, and associated with a mobile App to display & control signals, it represents a full electronics Lab in your hands.

Team Name: Green Battery
University: Helwan University - Egypt
Description: Green Battery product uses the overheat of laptop to recharge it, by converting that heat to electric energy and storing it in a secondary battery which acts as a backup for laptop battery, or uses laptop's overheat to recharge a smartphone.

Team Name: REVODY
University: Keio University - Japan
Description: 3D printed Standing alone Rover Controlled from Global network for searching and mapping Patients and sterilizating virus.

Team Name: Physical Password Manager
University: KTH - Sweden
Description: The idea is a small electronic device that store your different passwords so that you can bring them with you in person.

Team Name: Smartians 
University: Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora - Brazil
i9Híbrido is an innovative solution to the communication problems associated to smart metering and monitoring of power distribution equipment.










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