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First Place - NANOtaxi

Presentation :: Questions and Answers

Second Place - Fiber Optics Sensing System

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Third Place - Derivatives Valuation and Risk Management Kernel

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Forth Place - Software Service Meter (SSM) for SaaS

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2006 Competition Archives

2006 I2P UT Austin Award Winners


Selig First Place Award


NanoTaxi: Injectable Nano-fabricated Disease Responsive Drug Delivery Device

Team Members

Abiola Ajetunmobi (Mechanical Engineering),
Luz Cristal S. Glangchai (Biomedical Engineering),
Jakub Felkl (Physics),
Rohin Mukhi (Mechanical Engineering),
Shreyas Rajasekhara (Materials Science and Engineering)

The idea integrates concepts and technologies from the biomedical field and the semiconductor industry to develop a target site-sensitive nanocapsule that selectively delivers its contents to specific sites in the human body with the unique capacity for stimulus-triggered release. The product is a stimulus-responsive drug and/or imaging agent delivery device.

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2006 UT Austin Judges

  • Erin Defoss√© - Director of Technology Sectors of the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) and the Director of ATI Wireless
  • Norman Kaderlan, Ph.D. - President of Technology Innovation Group, Inc.
  • Ms. Jerri L. Paul - President and Chief Executive Officer of KaleidaCare Management Solutions
  • Brian Beard - partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in Austin
  • Carol Williams - Founder and CEO of Trendsetter Electronics
  • Rob McPherson (Special Judge for M3 Award) - COO for M3 Design


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