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First Place: BioPristine

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Second Place: UpFlow Microbial Fuel Cell

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Third Place: On-Board Gasoline Distillation System

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Forth Place: True 3D Gaming System

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2007 Competition Archives

2007 UT Austin Award Winners


Selig First Place Award



Team Members

Alek Zarak (Electrical Engineering)
Mario Pulido (Mechanical Engineering)
Ruben Morones (Chemical Engineering)
Our idea is method of bonding chlorine to almost any kind of material, creating a coating that could be kept germ-free for prolonged periods of time. The
technology behind this idea is simple yet effective. It consists of forming a polymer, which is in essence a combination of many small molecules arranged to form a much larger organic molecule. This polymer, which consists of polymerizable acyclic N-halamine, can be attached to an object in a manner similar to painting. It effectively protects the object from harmful germs such as bacteria and yeast. Exposure to a simple halogen light recharges the material’s biocidal qualities, so it can be used for extended periods.


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2007 I2P UT Austin Judges


  • Jerri Paul - Strategy, Operations, and Marketing Consultant
  • Michael Davis - President of the Davis Law Group
  • Norman Schumaker - Chairman of Infinagen, Inc., co-founder of Molecular Imprints
  • Mark Murdock - Technology attorney with 35+ years of experience
  • Carol Williams - President and CEO, Trendsetter Electronics

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