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First Place: CMG Ultracapacitor

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Second Place: CMOS Biosensors

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Third Place: Peristaltic Pioneers

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2009 Competition Archives

2009 I2P UT Austin Award Winners

Marvin Selig First Place Award


CMG Ultracapacitor

Team Members

Josh Marcus (Business Administration, Graduate)
Josh Mueller
Kathryn Erickson (Biomedical Engineering, Graduate)
Matt Saunders (Mechanical Engineering, Graduate)
Patrick Framel (Law, Graduate)

The product is a new ultracapacitor utilizing a new material, Chemically Modified Graphene (CMG). It has potential to revolutionize the ultracapacitor market by dramatically increasing electrical storage capacity. CMG is a new material being researched at the University of Texas at Austin by Dr. Rod Ruoff. It is created by chemically deteriorating graphite down to a single layer one-atom thick sheet, otherwise known as graphene. This process substantially increases the conductive surface area on the nanoscale and is thought to increase the electrical storage capacity if used in ultracapacitors.


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2009 I2P UT Austin Judges


  • Norman Kaderlan, Ph.D., Competition Co-host - President of Technology Innovation Group, Inc., and an Entrepreneur in Residence at UT
  • Rob Adams, Ph.D. - Director of MootCorp® Competiton, Founder Tejas Venture Partners, Management Department Faculty - The University of Texas at Austin
  • Michael Davis - President of Davis Law Group
  • Loren Kirkpatrick - Director of Development Services for Texas Realty, LLC
  • Norman Schumaker - Chairman of Infinagen, Inc., co-founder of Molecular Imprints

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