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First Place: Chira Screen

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Second Place: MaGIS

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Third Place (tied): FemtoDerm

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Third Place (tied): VecturaLux

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2011 Competition Archives

2011 UT Award Winners

Introduction & Welcome [video]
Award Ceremony [video]
Selig First Place Award

Chira Screen [video]

Team Members
Justin Dragna, Vikram Parthiban, Pius Wong, Zi-on Cheung
The product can be used to rapidly screen chemical reactions for enantiomeric excess, which helps accelerate drug discovery. The technology is an indicator- displacement assay (IDA). It utilizes a chemical sensing ensemble composed of a receptor and a colorimetric indicator that, when used with a commercially available spectrophotometer and software, can be used in automated fashion to rapidly determine enantiomeric excess for reaction mixtures.


Second Place

MaGIS [video]

Team Members
Daniel Walk, Yongchang (Ryan) Jang, Mariel Bolhouse

Our product is a consistent supply of enriched 157Gd isotope by means of Magnetically Guided Isotope Separation to increase nuclear reactor efficiency and safety. Magnetically Guided Isotope Separation (MaGIS) is able to give specific isotopes a unique magnetic moment and subsequently separate them by means of a magnetic field, creating a capability to isolate nearly any stable isotope within the periodic table.

Third Place
FemtoDerm [video]
Team Members
Chinasa Emeghara, George Kusi-Appiah, Ryan Richards, Tony Sun, Yena Yoo

Our service is to provide noninvasive, painless, and effective cellulite removal.The technology underlying our service includes a femtosecond laser and a tissue clearing vacuum device.Our technology uniquely combines a femtosecond laser with a novel tissue clearing technique to provide effective ablation of dermal tissue.

Third Place
VecturaLux [video]
Team Members
Matthew Clayton, Jeffery Liang, Kumar Appaiah

Our product provides faster, more reliable transmission of data over existing fiber-optic infrastructure as well as extended ranges of multimode fiber for future layout.Our technology is a fiber-optic communication system that connects a transmit and receiving device with a multimode fiber. Utilizing digital signal processing and dispersion compensation, the communication system provides a 10-15x greater data rate and a 10x increase in the usable range of multimode fiber.


Remaining Finalists

The Body Browser [video]
Team Members
Krystian Zimowski, Daniel Johnson, Yang (Liz) Mao, Andy Zimbroff, Jana Floyd

While health clubs provide members with a means for exercise, they lack a system that can accurately assess and monitor physical progress. The Body Browser (hereinafter “TBB”) is a whole body imaging system that acquires the 3D surface model and dimensions of a human body using non-contact optical devices and stereo vision technology. It will revolutionize the fitness industry by allowing patrons to accurately track their physique and design their workouts around the needs their body type’s demand. The system combines “off the shelf” parts, such as cameras and projectors, with proprietary software to capture the body images, calculate 3D coordinates of the body surface, extract body measurements, and create a 3D model of the scanned body. The measurements are then used to calculate relevant body-dimension data, such as body mass index, waist to hip ratio, body fat percentage, and obesity class.


Novus [video]

Team Members
Luo Li, Darshan Sachde, Sait Sozumert, Kai Zhang

Betalain Freshness Indicator is a colorimetric indicator which reveals the remaining life of food and herbal products while adding pigmentation and antioxidant. This color change may be compared to a color chart included in packaging for evaluation of depletion of a preservative in the product. The technology, an innovative and all natural Freshness Indicator, is comprised of organic pigments called “Betalain” that has the ability to indicate the freshness of a product by measuring the progression of oxidative degradation with a distinct color change. Betalain is unique as it is able to detect such harmful externalities as oxygen penetration, radiation, light and heat, bacterial, fungicidal and other non-bacterial spoilage. The pigment can be easily incorporated in small sachets and paper strips as well as integrated into the storage device using existing manufacturing techniques. In addition, Betalain can also be used with liquid food products by mixing the pigment solution with a soluble drink.


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2011 I2P UT Judges

Selig Finals

  • Pete Selig - Angel investor in bioscience and technology companies, active entrepreneur in real estate and restaurant businesses
  • Ross Garson - Partner in Matheson Keys Garsson & Kordzik PLLC
  • Aruni Gunasegaram - Operations Director, Austin Technology Incubator
  • Phong Le - Vice President of Business Development for Faradox
  • Daniel Sharp - Attorney at McKool Smith 

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