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Competition Format

Each team will present their innovations in 10-minute presentations to panels of judges. The judges will then have an opportunity to ask questions for up to 15 minutes. Questions may be asked by the judges only. With about 5 minutes for transition, each team will have a 30-minute session. After the semifinals, judges will remain in their session rooms to deliberate the team placement for their session. After the finals, the judges will adjourn to the Judges Room to deliberate the final awards.

There are three stages to the I2P® UT Competition:

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Judging Criteria

The Purpose

The purpose of this competition is to educate and develop technology entrepreneurs. This means that innovation within the team is highly valued. Teams featuring students who have invented or helped to invent the technology serve this purpose. We also want to recognize invention in terms of creating a match between a market and the technology. In other words, it is important to consider the contribution of the team in the creation of their opportunity.

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Score Sheet

Please click on the following link, Judges Score Sheet, to download a pdf version of the scoresheet.

Event Map and Parking Info

Please click on the following link,Event and Parking Map, to see a Google Map of the event and parking locations.

  • The POB building is located at 201 East 24th Street at the SE corner of Speedway and 24th Str.
  • The Speedway Parking Garage is located at the corner of Speedway and 27th Str.
  • The San Jacinto Parking Garage is located on San Jacinto Blvd at the NE corner of 24th Str and San Jacinto.

**For judges, parking validation for UT Parking garage will be provided.

*NOTE - On the weekend, some UT parking lots are open for public parking.

POB Building – Ground Floor


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