Entreprenuership at UT

Click on the links below for online resources

The Chair of Free Enterprise - an online resource of engineering entreprenuership on UT campus

Entrepreneurs in Residence - a list of entrepreneurs in residence at UT who are interested in mentoring students

Student Entrepreneurship Groups - a link to student entreprenuership groups on UT campus

Entrepreneurial Classes - a list of entrepreneurship-related courses at UT

Presentation Guidelines

The presentations will be 10 minutes in length followed by a 15-minute question and answer session. Questions come from judges only. The team can have any number of presenters (from 1 speaker to all team members speaking); however all team members must participate in the question and answer session.

Dry Run Presentations and Feedback Session

Shortly before the competition, teams are required to present to a panel of faculty, community leaders, and I2P® organizers. This is an opportunity to gain helpful feedback on presentation style, format, and structure. The practice presentations are a fundamental element of the competition that have been shown to result in significant improvements in participants’ presentations.

Read more: Presentation Guidelines

Judging Criteria

The Purpose

The purpose of this competition is to educate and develop technology entrepreneurs. This means that innovation within the team is highly valued. Teams featuring students who have invented or helped to invent the technology serve this purpose. We also want to recognize invention in terms of creating a match between a market and the technology. In other words, it is important to consider the contribution of the team in the creation of their opportunity.

Read more: Judging Criteria

Submission Guidelines

Please read further for detailed information regarding the First Round Submission and the Five Page Submission:

First Round Submission

Teams enter the competition by submitting a 1 to 2 page document containing answers to a series of questions covering their technology, the best market for initial commercialization and the basic intellectual property aspects of their project. The link below connects to a PDF file that contains the questions and instructions for entering the competition. Members of the Technology Entrepreneurship Society ( or the Idea to Product® team can provide additional assistance for teams seeking to enter the competition.

Read more: Submission Guidelines

Online Resources

Teams may also refer to the following on-line information.

Technology Commercialization - Information on finding and evaluting potential markets for new technologies.

Intellectual Property - Information on filing and searching patents and other IP.

Research at UT Austin - Science, engineering, and business research centers at UT Austin.

UT Technologies - Information on technologies that the Office of Technology Commercialization has listed on their website.

Please note that some of the on-line indices and journals listed in these resources may require a UT Austin EID log-on.

I2P Handbook

See the I2P® UT Austin Competition Handbook for more details on the competition procedures, with a focus on running the competition and planning the events.

How to Claim I2P Prize

Congratulations to your team on your great performance at the I2P UT Austin Competition.

What we will need:

  1. Information on how many team members are receiving the prize and the amount of prize money per person
  2. A completed form for each team member receiving a prize.
  3. A copy of a picture ID with each form.
 Please click here to download the I2P Prize Form in pdf format.
***We will not be able to process the prize money until we have all of the information.
***We cannot process prize money to companies.



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